Catenian Association & the Knights of St. Columba



Local Catenians welcome Catholic men

The Catenians are an international association of Catholic lay men who meet socially every month to foster friendship and mutual support. They are organised into local groups (known as Circles) which meet on different days; cross visiting between Circles is frequent and much encouraged. Catenian brothers are serious about their faith and involved in their parishes and in their own charitable work; while charity fund raising is not the Catenians’ raison d’etre, Catenian Circles do raise money for charities of their choice each year, and contribute to a benevolent fund to help brothers in need and a bursary fund to assist worthwhile youth initiatives.  Many of our social events bring together wives and families, something we think of huge importance. Every Catenian knows that his friends in the Circle will be there for him and his family, in their prayers and practical help, in times of difficulty.

The Association was formed nearly a century ago at a time when Catholics in business and the professions still often faced hostility and prejudice in Britain. The problems people face may have changed their nature over the years but they have not gone away, and the need of Catholics for mutual support and brotherly love is as great as ever. We are in no way a secret society; if anyone is interested in finding out about us, they are welcome to come and dine with us as our guest and, if they become seriously interested in joining, sit in at one of our meetings. There is no pressure to join: it is entirely up to our visitors to decide whether or not this is for them.

Circles meet and dine together monthly. In addition, they may organise social events such as golf days, skittles matches, summer barbeques, theatre trips, visits to local attractions etc. Wives and families are of course welcome at these, and there are usually a number of ladies’ lunches or dinners during the year. There are opportunities for playing against other Circles in golf and tennis matches, etc.

In Camberley and Bagshot there are members of West Surrey Circle (which draws mainly from Camberley, Farnborough, Aldershot, Farnham etc., and meets at the Camberley Heath Golf Club) and also from Ascot and Sunningdale Circle (who meet at the Berystede Hotel in Ascot). Other Circles in the neighbourhood are based in Bracknell Forest, Fleet, Guildford, Woking, Wokingham etc. If you would like to find out more, please contact Colin McDonald (West Surrey, tel. 01276 20981) or Roger Woodham (Ascot & Sunningdale, tel.01276 29037).



A fraternal organisation whose members give entire loyalty to the Apostolic See, to the Hierarchies and to the clergy in all things appertaining to the Catholic Faith, who participate in the work of the Lay Apostolate and assist in all matters concerning the progress of the Catholic Church. The Order promotes the moral, intellectual and material welfare of its members and of the Catholic community generally and encourages all in the practice of the Catholic Religion. The Order makes such provision as may be possible for the widows, orphans and other dependants of its members, promotes the interests of Catholic youth and co operates with other Catholic organisations in the furtherance of Catholic activities. The Knights of St. Columba is part of the International Alliance of Catholic Knights in which there are approximately three million Knights throughout the World; the International Alliance has been recognised by the Vatican as an International Catholic Association of the Catholic Faithful and as such is a member of the International Council of Catholic Men.

The KSC in the Parish
There has been a local Council in Camberley since 1933.

Knights meet in St Tarcisius Hall on the second Tuesday of the month.

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Local Contact: Glen Pelling 01276 683735