Church Management Group


The Parish Church Management Group (CMG) brings together those who have the lead responsibility for the day-to-day management of properties at St Tarcisius (STAR), St. Peter & St. John (SPJ), Christ the King (CTK), 11 Bell Place also Halls. Health & Safety concerns are also represented. The aim of the CMG is to bring together the site managers and those closely associated with the day to day running of Church properties within the Camberley & Bagshot Catholic Parish (C&B) so that a level of practical co-ordination and best practice may be achieved.


The CMG is responsible to the Parish Priest and functionally responsible to the Parish Finance Committee (PFC) for which it is a sub-committee. The CMG is bound by the Code of Canon Law also the directives of the Diocese of Arundel & Brighton Parish Administration Manual (PAM).

Church Managers at St Tarcisius, St Peter & St John and Christ the King together with Hall Managers will form the nucleus of the CMG. Representation may be as wide and as large as required from each site. The Chair of the Parish Finance Committee together with the Parish Health & Safety Officer will both be ex officio member of the group. Further ex officio members may be co-opted as required. The parish priest will chair meetings supported by the Parish Secretary.

The CMG will meet normally once a term or more often as required. The Parish Secretary will convene meetings. It is not intended that the CMG take over or supervise the management of individual parish sites. Individual site managers will continue to take the lead in projects and plans relating to their own sites. However, the CMG will provide a forum for informal discussion so that best practice may be achieved and the wider parish picture understood. The parish office will undertake entering in to contracts and the ordering of materials once financial approval has been received from either the Parish Priest or PFC.

Principal Objectives

The CMG will:

a. provide a forum for the discussion of various issues relating to parish properties.
b. discuss the quarterly spending plans of each site prior to submission to the PFC.
c. alert the PFC of any major structural problems.
d. review requirements for quinquennial, electrical, fire, health & safety, risk and other inspections as they are required.
e. manage day to day compliance with health and safety, fire prevention and other such areas.
f. review issues regarding signage, snow & ice precautions, security and any general areas of concern.
g. pool resources regarding best planning practice and the employment of reliable firms for contracts.
h. review Parish Hall rental fees together with associated matters relating to the hire and use of halls.

Reverend Andrew Moss

Parish priest

CHRIS TURNBUL St Tarcisius  
DON CRAIG Health & Safety  
MICK MOORE Christ the King  
JOHN LOOBY SS Peter & John  
NICK WARD St Tarcisius  



St Tarcisius

St Tarcisius Hall Manager