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Enjoy the benefits of registering with our parish.


Your contact details are safe with us.

ChurchSuite is a company built on supporting parish communities and abides by all GDPR rules. Your are in control of your data, and you can update your details at any time. We will never SPAM you!

Be a part of our community

You have the choice of what updates you want to receive and how you want to get them. By being part of our community, we can know you better and help you grow your faith.

Easy Sign-ups

Your details will already be with us, so signing up for events, groups, courses and ministries is super easy.


You can be part of volunteering teams that play a vital part in making our community alive and supportive.


The last few years of COVID have taught us that we need to be able to reach all of our parish through different channels. You will have the choice of email/text.

Digital Church

Register to join in our Digital Church. We offer daily prayers via email, Zoom meets during Advent and Lent, plus online prayer groups.

What people are saying

“It’s really easy to manage my contact information so that I get to hear about the events that I want to be involved with”

“It has helped me feel a sense of belonging. I now get regular contact from the parish with opportunities to grow my understanding of my faith. There are plenty of opportunities to serve and help others too.”

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